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Discover Pittleworth Manor and explore the literary setting of the English Country House. Join Dr Esther Fernandez for our range of unique seminars in the heart of the Hampshire countryside. For lovers of good books, good food and good conversation.

Pittleworth Manor

A Tudor house nestled in the Test Valley, just outside of Stockbridge. Find out more about Pittleworth’s secrets: from incredible discoveries to a haunting reputation.

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Our recommended reads and seminar favourites. Whether you’re looking for perfect accompaniment to a Literary Lunch gift voucher, or to treat yourself to a country house classic.

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Children of the Country House


The children who lived in country houses, both in novels and in reality, can be a very ‘unchildlike’ lot: precocious, tragic, frightening or sickmakingly angelic. This is unsurprising, given the strange lives that they led, growing up surrounded by pampered veneration, (benign?) neglect, or almost sadistic treatment, among other experiences. Unsurprisingly, their situation has proved […]


The Country-House Party


It is amazing that anyone ever accepts an invitation to a country-house party — at least if they read novels. The high possibility of being seduced, financially or socially ruined, robbed or murdered seem rather a high price to pay for the glamour (which cannot always be assumed), the grandeur and the chance to participate […]

Please note that novels are quoted here to give a sense of the theme of the day; they may not reflect novels read from and discussed on the day.